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Influencers have become a part and parcel of digital life across a broad array of spheres, which is precisely why German company NAGA has managed to find a way to leverage the power of digital influencers to help people make better investment decisions through its investing app.

The NAGA investing app allows users to look at the investments of popular traders and mimic their investments. For people looking to get into investing, the app offers the advantage of helping them to track and learn from investors who they trust and identify with, before copying their trades. For the influencers themselves, the app offers monetary rewards that are proportional to their influence on the app.

Whereas it’s commonplace for influencers to make money and help others through things like wellness courses, dieting tips and parenting advice, the movement is yet to make a full-fledged shift into investing-focused social media, which is precisely what NAGA is looking to achieve.

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