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Beyond Animal has announced the launch of a mobile-based vegan platform that is designed to help bring together entrepreneurs and investors operating in the burgeoning vegan sector, allowing them to connect with each other, work together, forge collaborations and contribute to the growth of vegan-focused business.

The app allows users to post and apply for jobs, peruse events, register for conferences and generally network with others operating in the space.

Claire Smith, founder of the Beyond Animal platform, says the launch of the brand new mobile app, which is available as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play, represents yet another giant stride forward in the mission to help bring together the various players in the ecosystem of plant-based business. “With increasing market demand, consumer and employee engagement as well as the need to attract more investors to expand the industry, there can be no better time for an app that provides business networking and connects more companies with capital,” Smith said.

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