Startup-Encouraging Campaigns : something from nothing

Fiverr, the online freelance website for nearly any artistic service, has begun a new campaign titled ‘Something From Nothing.’ In this campaign, Fiverr is challenging its base of creators to create ‘nothing.’ While this does not mean create literally nothing, it strives to encourage artists to create something based on the concept of nothing. This could mean minimalist art, open-ended art, or incredibly vague art that evokes the sense of nothing.

The purpose of this campaign is to show creators that anybody can make something out of nothing, meaning that it is never too late to start on Fiverr and that any idea can become a massive one with enough dedication. Popular services that have been embracing the concept of nothing in this campaign on Fiverr so far are artwork, branding, logo design, video production, and UX design.

Image Credit: Fiverr

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