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Forget time loops, I hope 2022 brings us more time skips

2021 was the year of the time loop wasn’t it? Deathloop topped a lot of charts and made an appearance in our game of the year list. Twelve Minutes: a timeloop thriller. Lemnis Gate: a tactical FPS where you out time loop one another. The Forgotten City, the Outer Wilds DLC, watching a man throw a “traditional shaped returning” boomerang on YouTube. All of them, time loops.

I’m absolutely sick of them. So here’s me hoping that 2022 is the year of the “time skip”, instead. Or at least, one of these coming years an excessive number of games built around skipping time. Yes, they aren’t without their flaws, but I’d argue they’re less repetitive and capable of greater surprise. Alright, at least hear me out.

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