Phone-Inspired Card Games : Game of Phones 1

Almost everyone has a phone, and ‘Game of Phones’ uses this as a creative way to challenge its players. The description calls it “the ultimate digital scavenger hunt.”

Players pick card prompts and must use their phones to complete the challenge. The game is about liking and unfollowing as the ‘Influencer’ (the player that picked the card) must judge the other players. If they like the response, the player wins the card, but if they don’t like it, that player is unfollowed and eliminated until one person is left.

It is the perfect game for family game night or to bring to a party. Game of Phones comes with 150 cards, and six extension packs are also available to make the game more exciting. From the Nostalgia Pack to the Offline Pack, there is something in here for everybody.

Image Credit: Game of Phones, Uncommon Goods

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