Jamaican teachers’ conference on Zoom turns into 18+ live sex broadcast — RT World News

Professional hardships became a highlight at a Jamaica teachers’ conference, as one of its members was caught getting intimate with a partner while her colleague was talking about “necessary connections” during a public Zoom call.

A recorded multi-member Zoom meeting from the 57th Annual Conference of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) has gone viral. In an almost two-minute-long video circulating on Twitter, one of the call member’s windows showed sexual intercourse recorded by another conference participant. 

Two people can be seen apparently having sex in a bedroom while a female voice is delivering a speech, saying: “Teaching in the middle of the pandemic was hard.” She keeps on talking about “how important this profession is” and distant teaching “challenges” – “I’ve never taught online and didn’t know what it was” – while her unaware colleague continues getting intimate with a partner in front of the camera. 

A computer voice notification ‘Recording in progress’ can then be heard, with a different conference member screaming out loud “What the hell” and calling out to someone to “stop it.”

We need necessary connections to keep afloat,” the speaker keeps on talking, as a woman can be seen leaning forward to a naked partner. Interrupting the unintended home video, a strict face of a woman, apparently a conference host from what looks like an official venue, then appears in the window. 

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The Jamaican teacher is not the first to embarrass herself during a Zoom call which has become a new reality for many amid Covid-related distant meetings. Accidentally revealing more than was intended, a teacher in Colombia was caught lifting his wife’s top and kissing her breast during an online physics class with students. Last year, an Argentinian MP was captured sucking on a woman’s breast amid a virtual parliamentary session. In another instance, a government official in the Philippines lost his job after having sex with a secretary during a Zoom meeting.

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