The Sad Wolverine meme will be immortalized as an action figure

The Sad Wolverine meme, in which a fully costumed Logan from the ’90s X-Men: The Animated Series lays in bed, staring longingly at a photo of his beloved Jean Grey and that interloper Scott Summers, is becoming an action figure from Mondo. It’s about time. Few memes can truly capture the same sense of emo thirst. Typically, the framed photo is replaced with an image that makes Wolverine’s yearning seem all the more hilarious. Who among us hasn’t laid in bed staring at Instagram with the same sense of pining for a gadget/vacation spot/person?


Just be prepared to clear out some shelf space, as this Sad Wolverine figure will be 1:6 scale. And while you could take it out of its box and add a variety of other accessories, like an unmasked Logan head or the face of his former best friend Morph, why would you? Mondo will open pre-orders for the figure on July 23rd as a Comic-Con exclusive, and it’ll run you $200. Here’s hoping that Mondo follows up with another meme figure: Sad Wolverine seeing Scott and Jean kiss. 

Sad Wolverine action figure


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