Please enjoy these frolicking baby bison Video

  • Now Playing: Tour group surrounded by herd of bison

  • Now Playing: ‘Breakthrough’ COVID cases hit the White House

  • Now Playing: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos blasts to the edge of space

  • Now Playing: The Breakdown: Top health officials testify on delta variant, vaccine booster shots

  • Now Playing: Longtime Trump confidant charged with acting as agent of foreign government

  • Now Playing: CDC director: Unvaccinated students should wear masks in school

  • Now Playing: IOC accepts cheerleading as an Olympic sport

  • Now Playing: Attorney’s inspiring mission to transform criminal legal system

  • Now Playing: ‘GMA3’ exclusive: Chicago’s 1st Black female fire commissioner

  • Now Playing: How effective are COVID-19 vaccines against variants?

  • Now Playing: Biden, Brady trade zingers at White House event for Super Bowl champs

  • Now Playing: Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin crew hold press conference after successful spaceflight

  • Now Playing: ABC News Update: Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin crew land safely after spaceflight

  • Now Playing: Jeff Bezos, launch crew hold post-launch press briefing

  • Now Playing: Officials won’t rule out canceling Olympics at last minute

  • Now Playing: At least 9 states attempt to block mask mandates in schools

  • Now Playing: Kayaker gets up close with dolphin

  • Now Playing: Jeff Bezos, brother talk Blue Origin launch

  • Now Playing: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin makes historic flight to edge of space.

  • Now Playing: Jeff Bezos returns to Earth after successful Blue Origin space flight

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