Norwich City: Premier League club says sorry and cancels controversial sponsor deal

Norwich City won the Championship title earlier this year

Norwich City have apologised to supporters after confirming it has cancelled its controversial sponsorship deal with Asian gambling firm BK8.

The Canaries announced the multi-million pound deal on 7 June but were criticised when BK8’s provocative marketing material was highlighted.

Norwich asked for the offensive material to be removed from BK8’s platforms but then scrapped the deal.

“On this occasion, we got it wrong,” said the club in a statement.

“For that and any offence caused, the club apologises.”

Chief operating officer Ben Kensell, who was pictured announcing the deal, added: “We place huge value on our open and honest relationships with our community and supporters.

“As a self-financed club there is always a fine balance between generating the revenue levels required to help maintain that model, whilst working within our visions and values.

“On this occasion, we made an error of judgement. Our standards were not at the level we demand of our football club.”

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