Koch Media Shows Off Gungrave G.O.R.E., Painkiller, And Slate Of New IPs

During today’s Summer Games Fest, Koch Media showed off a number of upcoming games, many of them new IP, nurtured under its new publishing label, Prime Matter. If you didn’t catch the event, here’s a quick round-up of what was announced, when it’s coming, and what platforms you can play it on. 

The Chant (working title)

Release Date: 2022
Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

Horror fans may want to keep an eye on The Chant. The game stars a young woman who takes a spiritual retreat on a remote island where everything that could go wrong does. Players will combat an evil cult and other cosmic horrors using weapons imbued with spiritual powers. Players can also increase their perception of the world by accessing the spiritual sight of their third eye. Outside of combat you’ll explore the grim island and solve puzzles in a similar fashion to Silent Hill. 

Crossfire: Legion

Release Date: 2022
Platforms: PC

Legion is an RTS spin-off of the popular Crossfire shooter series. This classic strategy experience is set within the same universe and has all of the familiar trapping RTS fans expect. You’ll control various customizable units to battle large armies in either the full single-player campaign or against human commanders in online multiplayer. RTS fans starved for a new experience not named StarCraft have something to potentially look forward to when Crossfire: Legion arrives next year. 


Release Date: 2022
Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Do you enjoy Dark Souls and Souls-like experiences? How about sci-fi and Lovecraftian horror? Dolmen may be the game for you. This action RPG outfits players with a melee weapon/shield combo as well as a gun to take on vicious, bug-like threats to reveal the secrets of a mysterious crystal, the Dolmen. While combat consists of the attack/parry/dodge formula the subgenre is known for, players can imbue their weapons with elemental effects. For example, using cryo to slow or freeze enemies. Souls-like games are a dime a dozen at this point, but we look forward to seeing how Dolmen continues to evolve and differentiate itself when it launches next year. 

Echoes of the End

Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC

We don’t know much about Echoes of the End other than that players control Ryn, a young assassin who has the power to manipulate and destroy matter. The game is the debut title from Icelandic studio Myrkur Games and is set in a unique fantasy world inspired by the scenic island. Echoes of the End is being made entirely in Unreal Engine 5, so odds are it’ll look pretty sharp. We’ll just have to keep an eye on it to learn more about what it entails. 


Release Date: September 
Platform: PC

Encased is a humorous RPG set in an alternative version of 1976. At the center of everything is The Dome, a mysterious structure of unknown origin filled with advanced technology. To uncover the truth, you’ll head in and join an organization working to unravel the Dome’s mysteries. Players choose one of five disciplines (science, engineering, security, management, and convict), each with their own specialized skills to help manage various aspects of the Dome’s society. When disaster strikes, you’ll have to work together with your crew to survive and, perhaps, escape. The Dome is currently playable in Steam Early Access and releases to PC this September. 

Final Form (working title)

Release Date TBA
Platforms: consoles and PC

Earth has bit the dust in this sci-fi first-person shooter. You control a humanoid machine called a Valkyrie piloting a sentient spaceship to stop a devastating plague from wiping out the remnants of humanity. That mysterious premise is backed by fast-paced gunplay that emphasizes constant movement. Stay still for too long, and you’ll find yourself riddled with bullets courtesy of a hostile alien race seeking to control uncharted space. Final Form appears to be a long way out, but its brief gameplay teaser has our attention. 

Gungrave G.O.R.E.

Release Date: TBA
Platforms: TBA

Gungrave fans haven’t received a proper entry since Gungrave: Overdose in 2004 but that’s finally changing with G.O.R.E. We don’t know anything about it other than a brief, action-packed cinematic trailer that promises plenty of bloody action. Fingers crossed we’ll learn more details about the game sooner than later. 

The Last Oricuru

Release Date: 2022
Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC

This intriguing RPG combines medieval and sci-fi trappings. The Last Oricuru begins when players awaken from cryosleep to find themselves trapped in an alien world resembling the middle-ages. Decision-making is the name of the game as players can form alliances with different faction leaders in the midst of a civil war.  There’s no right or wrong answers, and choices result in different outcomes – some good, others not so much. Best of all, you can play The Last Oricuru alone or with a partner in the drop-in/drop-out co-op to solve puzzles required for two players. 


Release Date: TBA
Platforms: TBA

A new Painkiller game is in the works, but we don’t know who’s developing it or when it’s coming. The original Painkiller launched in 2004 and was a supernatural first-person shooter by Outriders and Bulletstorm developer, People Can Fly. We’ll have to stay tuned to see what this sequel or reboot has in store. 

Payday 3

Release Date: 2023
Platforms: consoles and PC

Outside of revealing a new piece of concept art (posted above), we still know very little about Payday 3. Koch only reiterated the game will feature a “fully fledged social heist universe” set within a Hollywood-like setting. That isn’t likely to satisfy fans of the franchise, but any confirmation that the game still exists is always welcomed. 

Scars Above

Release Date: 2022
Platforms: consoles and PC  

At first glance, Scars Above appears to be a mix of Tomb Raider and Returnal in its blend of third-person combat and exploration. Astronaut Kate Ward finds herself stranded on a strange alien planet, and she’ll need to utilize a mix of wits and combat expertise to survive. Kate defends herself with weapons like a laser machete, a fireball-shooting flamethrower, and even a freeze gun. When things aren’t actively trying to kill you, you’ll piece together clues about the world itself to figure out what exactly you’re dealing with. Developer Mad Head Games describes Scars Above as “Alice in Wonderland meets Alien”, and we’ll see how that comparison stacks up when the game launches next year.

See any games that tickle your fancy? Let us know in the comments!

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