The Best iPhone XR Screen Protectors

Increasing the life of your phone is essential. Even though the iPhone XR isn’t the newest model on the market anymore, it still has one of the best displays available with its liquid retina LCD screen. Keep that screen in perfect condition by choosing the right protector.

Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the best options available to make sure your XR’s screen stays as stunning as it was on day one.

UAG Glass Screen Shield

Urban Armor Gear makes some of the finest cases around, and its screen protectors aren’t half bad either. This one is built from high-quality tempered glass manufactured in Japan, complete with a full-on 9H hardness rating. This makes it capable of resisting scratches from hard metal objects such as knives and keys, while it should also do a very good job of withstanding drops. What’s particularly impressive, though, is that, despite being very tough, it measures in at a super-thin 0.2mm, which is the thinnest we’ve ever heard of a glass-based protector being. It’s therefore pretty transparent and impressively responsive. On top of this, its oleophobic coating will repel fingerprints and smudges.

ESR Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

ESR Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone XR

Here’s a great protector if you want glass-level protection without having to spend a small bundle. It has been triple-tempered, with ESR boasting that it can survive up to 5kg of force. We haven’t put this to the test at home, but you can be sure that it will fare well when it comes to withstanding everyday bumps and drops. Other than that, the protector has been precisely cut to be compatible with the vast majority of cases, as well as with Face ID. It comes in a pack of two and also includes a cleaning cloth, dust removal sticker, and wet wipe to help you install it cleanly.

JETech Screen Protector

JETech Screen Protector for iPhone XR

Sold in a pack of two, this tempered-glass screen protector offers some of the best value-for-money you can find anywhere. Its glass carries a 9H hardness rating, making it capable of resisting scratches from all manner of sharp objects. It’s also only 0.33mm thick, so it will keep your iPhone XR looking and working great. Installation is aided by the inclusion of instructions and a cleaning kit.

Torras Diamonds Hard Screen Protector

Not all tempered glass screen protectors are built equally, and the Torras Diamonds screen protector for the iPhone XR has proven to be one of the toughest available. It offers military-grade protection, so it can resist nearly any major fall and is scratch-resistant. The screen protector also offers some much-needed eye protection. The tempered glass filters out the blue light of your phone, making for a more comfortable viewing experience.  The pack comes with two screen protectors, so you either have a backup or an additional screen protector for someone on your plan.

Nearpow Screen Protector Kit

Tempered glass is some of the best protection you can get for your smartphone. It also doesn’t diminish the feeling of actually using your phone. However, like all glass, it is prone to breaking with major impacts. That means if you are clumsy with your device, you’re likely going to have to replace your screen protector. That’s what makes Nearpow’s screen protector kit so enticing. Not only does it offer the same protection that tempered glass usually does, but it comes with four screen protectors in the box. That’s great if you are worried about needing to replace the device or if you’re trying to get screen protectors for the whole family.

Tech21 Impact Shield Anti-Glare


Winter, summer, spring, or fall, the sun’s brightness can seriously affect your phone use while you’re exploring the great outdoors. That is, unless you’ve attached this screen protector to your phone. The Tech21 Impact Shield comes with a matte, anti-glare finish that cuts down on reflections bouncing from your phone’s display, making it easier to see your screen while under bright lights. It’s a film protector, but still fairly protective, thanks to the three layers of impact material used. It’s thin, but due to its nature as a film protector, it won’t be as protective as glass. Still, a good option if glare bothers you.

Ringke Dual Easy Screen Protector Double Pack

Putting on a screen protector can be a chore, and though many screen protectors come with various accessories to help the process, none are quite as good as Ringke’s Dual Easy screen protector. The Dual Easy film screen protector is sandwiched between two additional layers. The bottom layer removes dust from your device and helps to guide you to getting the perfect fit. Once your device is clean and the protector is perfectly aligned, simply remove the top and bottom tabs to slip your screen protector into place, and remove the upper protective layer. If that’s a little hard to follow, Ringke made an instruction video. Once attached, it provides protection against everyday scratches and similar, but won’t protect against drops like a glass protector will, though it does come in a double pack for a great value.

Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector


Getting a close fit with screen protectors is vital as air between the protector and screen can reduce touch sensitivity. If you’re picky about how your display feels, then Whitestone’s Dome protector is worth the money you’ll spend on it. It’s made from tempered glass, so it adds scratch-resistance as well as protection against more extreme drops and similar — but the real magic happens in the application itself. During installation, the Dome places a layer of liquid adhesive between the protector and your display, which is then cured with the UV lamp. That ensures a tight fit and excellent touch sensitivity. It’s certainly expensive, but it’s one of the best protectors around for full adherence. It’s also the best protector for an already shattered screen, as the adhesive flows into existing cracks and helps seal them against further damage.

SuperShieldz Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector Six Pack


The iPhone XR’s beautiful Liquid Retina screen is no good if you can’t see it, so why not grab a screen protector that wards away the glare that makes your screen unreadable in bright sunlight? That’s what SuperShieldz’ anti-glare screen protectors are great at. Made of a Japanese film with a matte finish, these screen protectors guard against glare from strong lights and also defend your screen from scratches, dirt, and fingerprints. Granted, the film won’t be as protective as something more substantial like glass, but it’s slim, cheap, and comes with five additional protectors.

Peel Glass Screen Protector

Peel is one of our first choices when we’re looking to get a case that doesn’t change the style of a phone, so it makes sense that we’d turn to them for a matching screen protector. Peel’s screen protector is made from hardened glass, so it will protect well against scratches and dirt, and help resist damage from bumps and drops too. Like the Peel cases it’s designed to complement, this screen protector is intended to be forgotten about once applied. It fits perfectly with a Peel case with zero gap between the case and screen protector, while the glass surface aims to replicate the feel of your device’s screen. It even color matches your phone’s bezel. A great choice if you own a Peel case, but it is a bit expensive.

Spigen Glas.Tr Twin Pack

If you’re looking for phone protection, one of your first stops should be Spigen’s huge range of protective cases. But why stop there? Spigen also provides a pretty great glass screen protector. Spigen’s tempered glass screen protector has a hardness of 9H that helps resist scratches and chips. It’s treated with an oleophobic coating that stops oily fingerprints from marring your view and prevents minor scratches. It works perfectly with all of Spigen’s cases, and it’s easy to apply. It’s not among the cheapest options on this list by a long shot — but Spigen’s a name you can count on, it comes in a double pack, and has Spigen’s Ez Fit installation system too.

Rhinoshield Impact Protection

Rhinoshield started with screen protection in mind, so it’s no mistake that we’ve included it in our list. This film screen protector is so tough that Rhinoshield claims it can handle impacts from a hammer, and is five times as tough as Gorilla Glass 3. That’s a heck of a claim, and not one we’re going to test — and neither should you — but it says a lot that Rhinoshield is willing to make such a claim. The Impact Protection edition is super-thin at just 0.29 mm, and it also comes with an oleophobic layer to resist fingerprints. As a film screen protector though, it won’t have the same strength as a glass protector. It’s compatible with Rhinoshield’s cases, but like the Spigen screen protector, it’s rather expensive. Still, if it lives up to the hype, it’s probably worth the cash.

Otterbox Alpha Glass

Another name with an incredible pedigree, Otterbox is the doyen of protective cases — and you’ll find some good protection for your screen from it, too. Otterbox’s Alpha Glass protector is made from reinforced glass that adheres closely to your screen, preventing damage from reaching your phone. It’s super-thin, doesn’t impair screen clarity or your touchscreen responsiveness, and it’s easy to install. Unfortunately, it is on the expensive side, but it will work perfectly with any Otterbox cases.

Skinomi TechSkin Twin Pack


Users will find many benefits with this wallet-friendly screen protector. First, it sells as a double pack and comes with an extra-durability guarantee. Skinomi says their TechSkin technology is the same that’s utilized in luxury cars, military aircraft, and even in NASA space shuttles. The film protector is durable, transparent, and its multi-layer design self-heals, resists puncturing and protects against UV yellowing. Even though TechSkin may be the most transparent, thinnest, and unobtrusive screen protector available today, we still prefer glass protectors. However, this product does come with a lifetime warranty, if that helps sway you in their favor.

InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard

We’re all guilty of it: Many of us use our phones and devices right before bed. Thanks to the blue light from the screen, we’re often left dealing with the negative consequences of our devices keeping us up at night. Fortunately, there are some tools available to help tone down the brightness of the display, or you could consider investing in a screen protector that protects both your eyes and the phone. The Glass+ VisionGuard features a unique layer to filter out that pesky blue light so that it can’t harm your eyes. It won’t affect the screen’s appearance or make the colors appear funny. The screen protector is just as durable as standard glass protectors, with a 100% clarity rating. Like other protectors in this article, it’s pricey, but with such a huge added benefit, it may be worth the money.

Poetic Glass Screen Protector

We’re giving the nod to Poetic’s screen protector simply because its price knocks competitors out of the park. The design features a 9H hardness rating, a high transparency level, and an oil-proof layer that works to prevent smudges, fingerprints, or smears. The company says the protector is easy to install and it’s bubble-free. The protector is thin—measuring at just 0.3 mm to improve the reactivity of your device. This protector measures up to most cases on our list, at only a fraction of the price: $10.

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