Youthful Mascara Challenges : LiftLockPop

Avon is reaching new audiences on TikTok with its #LiftLockPop challenge to promote its new Unlimited Instant Lift Mascara. The social selling beauty brand partnered with influencers on the platform to show off the “lift and lock” effect of the product in action.

As Hannah Lally, Head of Beauty at Avon, says: “#LiftLockPop is a fun and visual campaign that brings Unlimited Instant Lift Mascara to life to an audience that may not have considered Avon as a beauty destination.” On the platform, Avon is specifically speaking to a Gen Z audience and encouraging them to create their own lash looks using the campaign hashtag.

Beauty brands are flocking to the youthful short-form content platform for the way it inspires creativity, remixing and virality.

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