2022 Triumph Scrambler 1200 Line Includes Steve McQueen Special Edition

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, so Triumph didn’t. They’ve sold over 10,000 modern Scramblers since the XC and XE were new in 2018, and Scrambler 1200 XC even won MO’s revered Best Standard Motorcycle award last year. But they did have to make the bikes Euro 5-compliant for 2022, and with that came a few tweaks and the gaining of a few pounds – about 13 of them in fact. But hey look! There’s a new Steve McQueen Limited Edition! 

In a possible effort to avoid mentioning the weight gain, Triumph for the first time in memory gives us the bike’s wet weight in the specs – which it says is 507 lbs. Our own scales said 498 for the Scrambler 1200 XC we tested last year, so it’s really no big deal.

Most of that weight is courtesy of a revised high-mount exhaust. The claim is that power output is unchanged, but making that happen required a bigger catalyzer with more precious metals. And while the engineers were wrestling with that, they moved the catalyzer further forward in the system and rejiggered other sections to improve heat dissipation. We didn’t have any real heat issues with the previous version, but on hot summer days around town or slow going off-road, one’s right leg could get a bit toasty. With the relocation of the cat and a few more pounds of heat sink in the system, here’s hoping for the best.

Power remains the same, says Triumph, with peak torque of 81 lb-ft at just 4,500 rpm, and 89 horsepower at 7,250 rpm. (MotoGP Werks’ Dynojet had it at 74.5 hp at 6500 rpm and 67.7 lb-ft at 5000 rpm, at the rear wheel, last year.)

Scrambler 1200 Steve McQueen Edition

As long as Triumph is building motorcycles, the legendary actor will never die. For this limited edition model, Triumph’s copywriter revs it way up and dumps the clutch: 

Celebrating the most famous movie star, stunt and motorcycle in history, the new Scrambler 1200 Steve McQueen Edition brings all the new-generation 2022 Scrambler 1200 XE’s category-dominating specification, go-anywhere adventure-bike capability and state-of-the-art technology, and adds its own premium Steve McQueen paint scheme and extensive list of beautiful unique details. Fully equipped with a selection of premium Scrambler accessories, fitted as standard, the McQueen Edition is now officially the highest specification Scrambler 1200 ever.

Inspired by a genuine motorcycle legend

Inspired by the original competition-spec Triumph TR6, made famous by the legendary barbed wire jump in the iconic 1963 Second World War classic “The Great Escape”, the Scrambler 1200 Steve McQueen Edition has been developed in partnership with the McQueen family. Chosen to ride in the film by McQueen, over a period-correct German military motorcycle, the Triumph TR6 used in the jump was created by a British Triumph dealer and ISDT Gold Medal racer Ken Heanes, with an ISDT suspension set-up designed for robust stunt work.

Unique limited edition  

With just 1,000 Scrambler 1200 Steve McQueen Edition models available worldwide, each bike is individually numbered on the beautiful billet-machined handlebar clamp, which also features a laser etched Steve McQueen signature. For even greater exclusivity, each bike comes with a unique certificate of authenticity stating the bike’s VIN number, and carrying the signatures of Triumph’s CEO, Nick Bloor, and also Chad McQueen, son of the legend himself, Steve McQueen.

Exclusive details and finish

The unique paint scheme features a Competition Green tank with brushed foil knee pads, exquisite hand-painted gold lining, gold heritage Triumph logos, dedicated Steve McQueen tank graphic, brushed aluminum Monza cap and brushed stainless steel tank strap. The distinctive Steve McQueen Edition will also feature the aluminum high level front mudguard as standard, which, along with the rear mudguard, will also be painted in Competition Green.

In addition to the standard 1200 XE’s class leading specification, the Steve McQueen Edition comes fitted with engine protection dresser bars, which add another layer of ruggedness. Fabricated from stainless steel tubing, these have an electro-polished finish and offer additional protection to the clutch and alternator covers.

A laser cut and pressed aluminum radiator guard, with laser etched Triumph branding, also comes as standard, giving additional protection from loose stones while optimizing air flow. 

The Steve McQueen Edition also features a premium brown bench seat, with stitched ribbing and Triumph branding, which further enhances the overall classic style and elegance.

Aside from movie stardom, Steve McQueen was also renowned for his Triumph Scrambler desert racing, which makes the Scrambler 1200 XE the perfect base for the exclusive edition, thanks to its class-defining capability both on and off-road. The new McQueen Edition shares all of the acclaimed XE specification and performance, including the 2022 engine and exhaust system updates. Being a genuine cross-over motorcycle, it has all the capability of a full-on adventure bike with the iconic style inherited from its legendary Scrambler lineage.  

The new Scrambler 1200 Steve McQueen Edition is also pre-enabled for the accessory My Triumph Connectivity System. This allows the rider to access phone calls, operate music, use turn-by-turn navigation and manage a Go-Pro through the intuitive handlebar controls and TFT interface.

How much would you expect to pay? The Scrambler 1200 Steve McQueen Edition will sell for $16,400 USD / $17,800 CAD, and will be available in June.

Scrambler 1200 XE and XC

Scrambler 1200 XC in Cobalt Blue

For all the other sad Scrambler buyers outside of the chosen 1000, who must do without the Steve McQueen model, the song remains the same other than the new Euro 5 measures. The XE remains the more dirt-worthy of the two, but both share that same High power 1200 cc Bonneville twin with dedicated Scrambler tune and 270-degree crank. Both get 21-/17-inch tubeless wire-spoke wheels for serious off-road work. Both get long-travel Öhlins fully adjustable shocks out back and a long-travel Showa fork in front – one key difference being that the XE gets longer-travel units, correspondingly more ground clearance, and a higher seat to match.

Scrambler 1200 XE in Matte Khaki Green gets fully 9.8 inches front and rear suspension travel to the XC’s 7.9 in. travel – and a 34.2 in. seat height to the XC’s 33.1 in. The XE swingarm is also longer, with a shot-blasted and anodized finish.

Both XC and XE get IMU-controlled rider aids including lean-sensitive ABS and traction control, with the XE going the XC one better with an Off-Road Pro mode in addition to the XC’s Rain, Road, Rider-configurable, and Off-Road programs.

Everybody also gets this cool TFT display with illuminated switchgear,
all-LED lighting, keyless ignition, single-button cruise control, and a USB charging socket.

Scrambler 1200 XE also comes with handguards, Brembo MCS brake lever, gold forks… 

And either bike can be outfitted with the 70-some Genuine Triumph Accessories in the catalog, including luggage, a new Dakar-inspired fly screen, a high front mudguard or “front fender” as we Yanks call it, handlebar brace, headlight grille, centerstand, fog lights, heated grips…

How much? 2022 Scrambler 1200 XC: $14,000 USD / $15,200 CAD, and2022 Scrambler 1200 XE: $15,400 USD / $16,300 CAD.

Say, those prices are exactly the same as for last year’s models, so good on Triumph for holding the line. Expect these to all be loitering around your Triumph dealer in June, probably not for long.

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