Bizarre Incredibly Personalized Shirts : Nice Shirt. Thanks!

“TikTok made me buy it” is now viewed as a cultural phenomenon as random products instantly become viral and sell out. One such company lucky enough to achieve this success is Nice Shirt. Thanks!, a unique brand that will interpret any description you provide and create a custom-design shirt, regardless of how abstract the description is.

These “abstract” descriptions have become a viral sensation on the social media platform. Some past descriptions include “I love Harry Styles and ABBA. I’m a lesbian and an Aries” and “T-Rex playing a guitar, riding a snowboard, wearing this same shirt, helmet, and goggles.”

To order your own personalized shirt, consumers can head to Nice Shirt. Thanks!’s online platform and choose between a t-shirt or longe sleeve shirt.

Image Credit: Nice Shirt. Thanks!

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