Social Media Pasta Recipes : Honeycomb Pasta

Anna Rothfuss, a TikTok content creator who goes by the name ‘@bananalovesyoutoo,’ recently became a viral sensation for creating the ‘Honeycomb Pasta’ recipe. Using simple ingredients, Rothfuss creates a simple yet indulgent meal that any cook, regardless of experience, could easily recreate.

The lasagna-cake hybrid recipe has already received over 12 million views for its unusual but effective design. To make the Honeycomb Pasta, fill a springform pan with upright rigatoni pasta. Fill the “holes” (referred to as honeycombs) with string cheese. Next, pour pasta sauce and cooked ground beef over the dish and top with shredded mozzarella cheese. Lastly, bake the entire meal and serve pie style.

While the Honeycomb Pasta has received criticism for its simplicity, the meal will appeal to the growing “novice cooking” community found on TikTok looking for inspiration to make food at home.

Image Credit: TikTok/@bananalovesyoutoo

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