Viral Berry Cereal Recipes : Nature’s Cereal

The TikTok user @Natures_Food recently generated notable attention with his viral video, appropriately titled ‘Nature’s Cereal.’ Thus far, the post has over 6 million views and has been endorsed by celebrities and influencers alike. As its name suggests, the video showcases a recipe that is a play on breakfast cereal but made entirely of fruits.

To make the Nature’s Cereal, mix pomegranate seeds, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries in a bowl. For the “milk,” the TikTok creator uses ice coconut water with a hint of fresh mint. @Natures_Food claims the health-focused breakfast dish can help with digestion and gut issues while increasing energy level “through the roof.”

The fruit dish will appeal to many “foodie” TikTok users looking for simple yet nutrient-dense food options that are easy to create.

Image Credit: Morgan Olsen / Time Out

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