Ridiculous $30,000 Massage Chair Includes A.I. and A/C

Self-driving cars and 100-inch TVs might capture the headlines, but any tried-and-true CES veteran can tell you that the highlight of every show is the insane massage chairs that show up every year.

The destressing devices are generally more tricked out than anything that ever appeared on Pimp My Ride. And this year, you’d be hard-pressed to find one more c than Bodyfriend’s Quantum.

It’s a $30,000 chair.

Let me repeat that … a $30,000 chair. That’s more than you’d pay for a Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro. Of course, the sound system in this product is probably superior.

Aside from rubbing away the aches and pains of the day, the Quantum comes with an integrated Bang & Olufsen sound system, A.I. voice control that lets you target sore spots without fiddling with controls, built-in heating and air systems, and an uninterruptible power source (because who wants to interrupt their me time just because of a pesky blackout?).

You’ll also have a 10.1 inch, high-definition touch display tablet that not only showcases the chair’s user interface, but also lets you watch a variety of entertainment options.

Sure, you can buy a cheaper massage chair to soothe your sore legs, aching shoulders, or throbbing back. But it probably won’t have special settings for “brain massage” and “tinnitus massage.” The Quantum does.

The chair, which won a 2021 CES Innovation Award, isn’t exactly something you can hide in the corner – or, really, move once you find a place for it. It has a 29-inch width and weighs a whopping 335 pounds.

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