Kawhi Leonard/Fun Guy Size Gloves

Canadian apparel label Roots recently launched a super-sized pair of knit gloves, dubbed the Kawhi Leonard/Fun Guy Size gloves. The new accessory was launched in an attempt to entice basketball player Kawhi Leonard to return to the Toronto Raptors after he jokingly disclosed that he had trouble finding gloves large enough to withstand Canadian winters.

Roots announced on Twitter, tagging the player, that if he ever comes back to Canada, the brand has him covered with gloves big enough for his abnormally large hands. The tweet contains three gloves in different sizes: an S/M, L/XL, and a KL/FG, with the third glove eclipsing the others with its massive design. The tweet has gained sustainable online attention, with many Canadians hoping the player can now return to the Canadian team.

Image Credit: Roots

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