Microsoft keeps the same price for its new wireless Xbox controllers

On Tuesday morning Microsoft will start taking pre-orders for its next-generation console family, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. While the consoles will work with existing Xbox One gamepads, if you want a second Xbox Wireless Controller to maintain the subtle tweaks, low latency connection and dedicated Share button shown off in March, it will cost $60. That’s the same price as its predecessor, and, as Microsoft had confirmed previously, still means it uses AA batteries right out of the box.


If you’d prefer a play-and-charge solution, Microsoft is selling a rechargeable battery pack and USB-C cable combo for $25, all set for delivery on November 10th along with the new consoles. Sony’s DualSense PS5 gamepad, by comparison, costs $70, but comes with its rechargeable battery built-in. While the Series X comes with an all-black controller and the Series S comes with one that’s all-white, Microsoft will also sell a two-toned Shock Blue version at launch.

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