Discount Grocery Store Albums : Haulin’ State of Mind

NO FRILLS, the Canadian chain of deep discount supermarkets owned by Loblaws, recently debuted an edgy album, dubbed ‘Haulin’ State of Mind.’ Fans can text “album” 374-557 to get a free album download as well as exclusive flyers offers right to their phones.

The Haulin’ State of Mind album includes champion tracks like ‘Bananas,’ ‘Spicy,’ ‘So Fresh,’ and the namesake of the album, ‘Haulin’ State of Mind.’ The album is also available to download on Spotify and Apple Music.

The grocery-branded album cover takes stylistic notes from the straight-forward branding of NO FRILLS and includes its iconic yellow and black colorway alongside a new take on the “infamous” banana that recently made headlines for its unique artistic direction.

Image Credit: NO FRILLS

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