Transparent Video App Marketing : Transparency and Accountability

The TikTok Transparency and Accountability Center was launched by the content creation platform as a way to provide more background on “content moderation, recommendations, privacy and security.”

Opened in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C, the Transparency and Accountability Centers are a direct response to social and political criticisms of the platform, and aim to showcase its commitment to transparency especially when it comes to user privacy. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, physical visits to the center locations have been paused, leading TikTok to replace them with virtual experiences that still offer a detailed look into the platform’s day to day operations.

Michael Beckerman, Vice President and Head of US Public Policy at TikTok spoke about the company’s Accountability and Transparency Centers stating that it is “committed to leading the way when it comes to being transparent in how it operates, moderates and recommends content, and secures its platform.” He also goes on to explain that “due to physical constraints around the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, opening the center has meant evolving original plans to offer a virtual experience,” resulting in “nearly two dozen experts and Congressional offices” participating so far.

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