Twitch makes it easier for esports organizations to hold their own tournaments

The toolsuite will allow organizers to customize their tournaments with their own banners, images and rules. They can use it to set up participant registration, arrange matches with bracketing and then let participants know they’re competing with player notifications. At the moment, Versus is in closed beta and only available to a select group of competition organizers made up of collegiate esports leagues, game developers, as well as Twitch Rivals and Twitch Creators.


Twitch says it will spend the next months ensuring Versus can actually handle both casual and complex competitions before it rolls out the toolsuite. But, it intends to give access to as many people as quickly as it can. The Amazon subsidiary has been ramping up its esports efforts recently, even introducing an esports directory to help viewers find live tournaments. Twitch also vows to continue investing heavily in Twitch Rivals, which features tournaments for the website’s users.

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