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Before March 2019, the word pivot wasn’t part of your business strategy. Chances are it wasn’t even part of your daily vocabulary. But now, it’s almost part of every meeting.

When the pandemic hit, businesses that had the energy and ability to pivot survived. Some even thrived. Many suffered. What we know is that the chaos isn’t over. Chaos may in fact be the new norm. So rather than run, businesses can use this time to find fresh opportunities and innovate through.

If you look back in history, you’ll see how chaos has shaped our world. From the tires we drive on, to the snacks we eat, moments of uncertainty led to ingenuity. It all comes back to spotting the right trends and making connections. Having the tools to find ideas and then the internal culture to support and action them.

Enter Future Festival World Summit Virtual.

Future Festival World Summit Virtual is three days of live inspiration, insight, and action. A chance break from the Zoom to plan a 2021 where your business wins.

The first day of keynote presentations is totally FREE. The following two days are focused on action planning with smaller more focused group work, Q&A with the Editors-in-Chief of WIRED and FAST COMPANY, and a scenario masterclass with Jeremy Gutsche. If you’re serious about pivoting with purpose, you’ll want to be present for all three days. To make it easier, Trend Hunter is now offering a 5 for 1 ticket deal, but quantities are limited.

Future Festival World Summit Virtual, Nov 10 – 12, 2020
Buy 1 Ticket and get 5 Free *Limited quantities
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Trend Hunter is known as the back pocket ally for businesses looking to spark success during times of rapid change and uncertainty. INC calls Future Festival one of the best innovation conferences to inspire your team.

So book off November 10th – 12th, 2020 for Future Festival World Summit Virtual. Bring your team, share the insight, and together, put innovation back into the agenda.

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