Football-Themed Social Media Campaigns : Tailgate in a box

Pepsi created its new ‘Tailgate in a Box’ promotion, which will distribute kits to football fans, which are intended to improve the tailgate experiences of fans. The kits included in the ‘Tailgate in a Box’ promotion consists of am outdoor projector, customized cornhole games, as well as various Pepsi products. The items are contained in a 16-square-foot box and contain approximately $5,000 USD of products. A total of 20 kits will be made for fans, who can enter to win through a microsite.

The beverage brand also paved a front yard for New York Jets fans as part of social video promotions. The yard will now also feature a grill, inflatable jet, and more. Pepsi also had Curtis Martin, a former player record a message for the fans.

Image Credit: Pepsi

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