Teargas, clashes with riot police in Belarus capital as protestors rally over Lukashenko’s projected victory — RT World News

Belarus police used teargas, flash grenades to disperse protesters in the capital Minsk, disagreeing with the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko’s victory in elections, according to preliminary results.

Lukashenko is projected to received 81.35 percent of the vote, while main opposition candidate, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, 8 percent. She refused to acknowledge her defeat saying the results from three polling stations where “there were no falsifications” showed that she was winning. 

This sentiment was shared by many in the capital as angry people started gathering in Minsk center and in other cities throughout the country.

The rallies started with people gathering outside polling stations, chanting “Shame on you” to members of electoral commissions as they were escorted out by the police after finish the ballot count. Other videos showed crowds shouting “Go away” and “You are not Belarus,” addressing President Lukashenko. 

But by midnight hundreds gathered in one of the main squares of Minsk. The tension quickly got heated with reports of clashes and riot police using flashbang grenades against the demonstrators, who pelted bottles and other foreign objects in return.

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Protests in Minsk, other cities after preliminary results of Belarus presidential election show landslide Lukashenko victory

Several arrests were made. The police said that one of its officers was hurt in the scuffles, with videos from the scene showing bloodied demonstrators. Several ambulances were seen heading to the area. Protests also took place in other cities across the country, including Gomel, Mogilev, and others Vitebsk. The police reportedly used tear gas and other means to disperse the crowds, while making arrests.

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