K-Pop Star DIY Lamps : Whimsical by Wengie

YouTube star and K-pop sensation Wengie recently released a line of DIY kits — called ‘Whimsical’ by Wengie — in Target and Walgreens. Most notably, the collection includes the ‘Make Your Own Glitter Lava Lamp Kit’ that features a lamp, a swirling mechanism, a package of confetti, a glittery sticker sheet, and a colored sticker sheet. The cordless Glitter Lava Lamp requires 3 AA batteries and changes color to create a dynamic aesthetic.

The Make Your Own Glitter Lava Lamp Kit follows Wengie’s persona of bright neon colors amid sparkles and glitter. The DIY Kit targets Gen Z, a generation that grew up using the Internet and feels a personal connection with social media personalities like Wengie.

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