1 person killed after Minsk firework extravaganza goes terribly wrong (VIDEOS) — RT World News

Independence Day festivities in Belarusian capital Minsk took a tragic turn after at least two blasts rocked the city amid a dazzling fireworks show, shattering windows in nearby buildings. At least one person was killed.

Thousands of revelers flocked to downtown Minsk to mark the Belarusian Independence Day, celebrated on July 3, and enjoy the fireworks display. However, something apparently went wrong.

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Barely three minutes into the show, a loud bang followed by the sound of glass breaking could be heard on multiple videos shot by onlookers. Plumes of greyish smoke can be seen billowing from the site, mixing with fireworks that continue to light up the night sky.

About half a minute from the first blast, another powerful explosion can be heard, shattering even more windows and prompting cries of panic in the public.

Witnesses report that the blasts cracked windows in a local sports center and several nearby apartment complexes.

At least four people were injured in the incident, including one fatally: a woman who was reportedly hit in the neck with a metal chip from a broken fireworks machine. She was treated by paramedics at the spot, succumbed to her injuries. The Defense Ministry of Belarus has confirmed the numbers, and the country’s investigative committee has launched an investigation.

Photos from the scene show rescuers attending to a blood-covered woman lying on the ground.

The cause of the blasts is so far unclear.

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