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A senior police officer in Australia has said that violence against women “is absolutely about men’s behavior” after dog-walkers discovered a woman’s body in Melbourne.

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius made the comments after the fourth killing of a women in public in Melbourne in less than a year.

The officer said he couldn’t get into specifics about the current homicide investigation, but spoke more generally about violent attacks by men on women, saying, “the key point I’d make about that is this is about men’s behavior, it’s not about women’s behavior.”

Cornelius pledged to increase police presence at Royal Park, where a woman’s body was discovered on Saturday, and said everyone was entitled to feel safe in the community.  

“Every time I hear of a women being attacked in our community, whether it’s in their home or on our streets, for me as a man it gives me pause for reflection about what is it in our community that allows some men to think that it’s still ok to attack women or take from women what they want.”

The senior cop continued that men in the community need to take responsibility for their own behavior, reflect on the actions of the men they know and take care how they communicate with their sons about the treatment of women.

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